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Ways To Help Your Tired And Achy Feet Find Relief From Discomfort

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If your feet hurt at the end of a workday, you probably can't wait to get home, kick your shoes off, and rest for the evening. Sore and achy feet make you feel miserable, so if you have foot problems regularly, you should see a podiatrist to find out why. Your podiatrist might have a treatment or offer advice on ways to reduce your pain. Here are treatments you might want to try to get relief from foot pain.

Soak In A Warm Bath

Ice sometimes helps foot pain because it reduces inflammation. Heat can also help tired feet, and if you have time and need to relax too, a warm bath might make your feet feel better. Try massaging your feet while you relax in the bath to relieve tension in your feet and boost circulation. After you dry your feet put on thick socks to hold in the heat.

You might also try soaking your feet in a pan of warm water if you don't want to take a bath, and then you can soak your feet while you watch TV. If warm water soaks don't seem to help, try cool water next time. Your pain might respond to cold temperatures better. You might even alternate putting your feet in cold water for several minutes and then switching to warm water.

Do Foot Stretches

Foot stretches and exercises might be beneficial for your foot pain depending on the cause. Stretches lengthen tight tendons and muscles so they relax. Exercises can make weak parts of your feet stronger, but it's good to get advice from your podiatrist first about the type of exercises you should do.

Switch Your Shoes

If your feet are sore and tired because of the shoes you wear, then invest in shoes that support your feet and fit well. Quality shoes may seem expensive, but they make a big difference in how your feet feel, and they can prevent foot problems. Get help from a podiatrist or shoe store specialist if you need help finding shoes that fit well.

After wearing them all day at work, switch to softer and more comfortable shoes when you get home, but be sure they offer support instead of wearing shoes like flip-flops that can cause foot injuries.

Try Shoe Inserts

You can buy shoe inserts at a drug store that have gel or other padding that might reduce foot pain from being on your feet all day. If you have pain for another reason, such as fallen arches or plantar fasciitis, talk to your podiatrist about the right type of inserts to wear for your specific problem. Your podiatrist might even make custom orthotics for your shoes if you have a problem with your gait or other abnormality that causes your foot pain.

For more information, especially if your foot pain continues, contact a podiatrist in your area.