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Tips And Tricks For Managing Chronic Ankle Arthritis Pain

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You use your ankles with every step you take. They have to support the weight of practically your whole body! For these reasons, dealing with chronic ankle pain due to arthritis can be pretty frustrating. However, there are a few key ways you can help keep the pain to a minimum. Wear supportive shoes Your days of wearing heels and flip-flops are over. Wearing supportive footwear at all times will help keep your ankle stable, thereby minimizing your pain. Read More»

Foot Problems To Watch Out For If You're An Over-Pronator

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Have you ever noticed, or been told, that your ankles collapse inward as you walk and run? If so, you’re an over-pronator — someone whose ankles pronate, or collapse inward, too much. If you aren’t someone who walks a lot or spends much time on your feet, this may never have any consequences. But if you do walk a lot, run, or participate in sports, you may notice that, over time, your over-pronation makes you prone to certain foot and ankle injuries. Read More»

Treatment Of Your Plantar Fasciitis You Can Do At Home

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If you have plantar fasciitis, you know how much pain it can cause you when you’re at rest rather than when you’re moving about. If you have plantar fasciitis but you haven’t been diagnosed with this condition, you should get to the podiatrist to see if you actually have this condition or if you have some other foot problem. You could also have heel spurs or an issue with your arches. Read More»

Tips For Recovering From Ankle Replacement Surgery

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Severe ankle pain is usually a sign that you may need ankle replacement surgery. Ankle replacement surgery is often the only choice when the ankle is severely damaged through arthritic pain or sporting injuries. The knowledge that you must have surgery is never easy, and it can bring on a lot of anxiety. However, with adequate preparation, recovery time for ankle replacement surgery can be shortened.  Prepare Your Home An important step in the process of recovery is making sure that your home is ready for you after surgery. Read More»