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When Is Foot Surgery Necessary?

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Certain conditions can affect your feet and make it difficult to stand or walk. In these cases, non-invasive methods may not be enough, and foot surgery may be necessary. Read on to learn about common conditions that require foot surgery and what you should expect during the procedure. Structural Deformities Structural deformities like bunions, hammertoes, and flat feet can cause significant discomfort and hinder mobility. In some cases, severe deformities may cause bone and joint damage, which can only be corrected by surgery. Read More»

4 Times To See A Foot Specialist For Help With A Foot Condition

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Foot problems are fairly common. After all, your feet carry a lot of weight and are in use many hours of the day. Plus, you may subject them to tight shoes, high heels, and running long distances before your feet are ready. You don’t always need to see a foot specialist when you have a foot problem, but here are four times it’s a good idea to let a podiatrist check your feet and provide treatment. Read More»