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Some Common Foot Problems And Information About Them

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There are many different foot problems you may end up suffering from at one point or another throughout your life. While minor problems can often be treated at home, there are many others that you should go see a podiatrist for. Here are just some of the things that you can find yourself suffering from when it comes to your feet.


While blisters can be bothersome and even downright painful, they generally don't require you to seek medical treatment unless they become infected. You'll want to wear a bandage over the blister and try not to pop it, as this will make it more painful and can lead to it becoming infected. Generally, wearing new shoes, ill-fitting shoes, or other things like skates can lead to the development of blisters.

Athlete's foot

Athlete's foot is a fungal infection of the feet that isn't only reserved for athletes. People who are commonly affected by it are those who have sweaty feet and who tend to wear shoes that are too tight. Athlete's foot is contagious and is often passed from one person to another via wet floors or sharing towels or shoes. The condition is treatable with over-the-counter medications. However, if you have this condition and you end up with an infection, then it's time to see the podiatrist. Also, if you find it just keeps coming back, then you should see them for this as well.

Heel spurs

A heel spur is a bony growth on the bottom of the heel caused by a collection of calcium deposits. You can end up having a lot of pain in your heel when you have a heel spur. They can differ in size, and generally, the larger ones will be more painful. If you have this problem, then you should go to the podiatrist. Treatments can range from treating pain with ice, special donut-shaped pads, and anti-inflammatories to having surgery in severe cases.

Hairline fractures

Feet can take on a lot of stress, especially for those who have very physical jobs or who are very overweight. Hairline fractures can be very painful, but they don't always cause swelling, making it less obvious that there is a fracture. They can be diagnosed with an X-ray. Treatment for this issue can range from staying off the foot to wearing a cast or walking boot or in some cases with surgery.

If you need help with foot pain or discomfort, contact a podiatrist near you.