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What Can Be Corrected With Cosmetic Toe Surgery?

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Cosmetic toe surgery is something you might consider if your toes are not as pleasing to the eye as you want them to be, but they are otherwise not painful. Your toes may be uneven, crooked, spread too far out, or be too long or too short for your liking. You can have some of these things corrected by a podiatrist who performs cosmetic toe surgery procedures, or at least be given a treatment plan to help you feel more confident with the way your feet look.

In order to have your feet operated on, you have to visit your podiatrist for a consultation. After reviewing your medical health history and examining your feet, your podiatrist may recommend cosmetic toe surgery. Unsure if you have a condition that can be treated? Use this guide to assist you.

You have a few toes longer than others

Sometimes, the big toe is so much larger than the surrounding toes it looks almost awkward. Or, all the toes look extremely short for the length of the foot, making the toes look stubby. If you have toes that are longer than others and want them to be more even and appealing to your eyes, then you can speak to your podiatrist about cosmetic toe surgery. This type of surgery either involves lengthening the toes or shortening other toes, depending on what is needed.

You have serious corns or bunions

A bunion is a growth of the foot that makes the toes almost curve inward on either the big or pinky toe. The toes look unshapely compared to the other toes and the shape of the foot becomes quite wide. You can get cosmetic toe surgery to shave off a large bunion, which can be quite painful left untreated.

A corn is a skin growth on the foot that can also be found on the toes. Often painful or uncomfortable, this is a treatment that can be done in the podiatrist's office.

You have toenail fungus

Toenail fungus is often caused by athlete's foot and can be treated in many ways, but if the condition doesn't get better with longer treatments, then you will want to have the toenails surgically removed so newer, healthier nails can grow back in their place. Considered both medical and cosmetic in nature, the removal of the toenail can be uncomfortable so is best done under general anesthesia, often in conjunction with other toe surgeries.

Your podiatrist will let you know if you qualify for any type of cosmetic toe surgery and will give you a treatment plan for recovery once the work is done.